Scalzi Came to Town!

So John Scalzi, author of the Old Man's War Series, Fuzzy Nation, a few other books, and the blog Whatever, was in SF this past Sunday. I managed to fit seeing him into my schedule ^.^ and it was, to my delight an EXCELLENT evening of entertainment at Borderlands (which is an excellent sci-fi and fantasy bookstore in downtown San Francisco).

I didn't manage to take many pictures because I was majorly distracted by the hilarity that ensued. I did, however, challenge Scalzi to write something with stew if he writes more fantasy. (Generally he's a sci-fi writer although he did make a foray into dark fantasy with The God Engines)

As for what happened at the signing/reading, there was a snippet read from his upcoming 2012 book which is yet to be titled officially. Then he read from his April Fool's day piece "The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City" you can read the entirety of that piece here. Then there was about a half hour where Scalzi regaled us (via a loosely constructed Q&A session) with many tales of his adventures.

And, that folks, was the signing.


That's cool that you got to see Scalzi. I read his blog now and then and I liked Old Man's War.


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