Review: Davi by Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods

Davi by Roy C. Booth and Brian Woods

Copy Courtesy of Brian Woods
Already Published

Davi, a human, is sent out to negotiate with the King of the Dwarves despite being only a blacksmith with no skills in this area whatsoever. He finds that dwarves are his kind of people.

The story is very simplistic with an overabundance of showing instead of telling. I felt like I was reading an outline of a trilogy rather than an actual novel. There are scenes which read something like "Davi talked to the dwarf, and the dwarf did not want to accept Davi. Then, after Davi showed the dwarf some cool stuff, the dwarf accepted Davi as a brother." There might be a few more sentences in there, and I'm exaggerating a little bit but not much.

The characters are all pretty 2D since there isn't enough time spent developing the characters. Rather, the story spans what seems to be 10+ years of history by skipping any meaningful interaction between anyone, and treating scenes with about as much depth as the one I described above.

There might be a good story here if things were fleshed out, but I certainly can't see it at the moment.

Star Rating: 0.5/5.0

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