Review: Future Imperfect by K. Byer Reese

Future Imperfect by K. Byer Reese

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Ade can see the future, but only when he gets a concussion. Seeing the future gives him a sort of high, and he is definitely addicted until he meets the girl of his visions (and dreams). Now, what the future holds is getting darker and darker, and Ade must get to the bottom of things or he may lose everything.

Perhaps the best description I can come up with for this book is weird. The visions which Ade gets often feel like he is tripping at least the way they are described in the book. I think the quality of these visions makes them a closer analogy to being on drugs and thus the addiction is a closer parallel.

The tone is generally pretty dark since the book is dealing with addictions. I'm not entirely sure there is a single "normal" character. All of them seem to have pretty egregious quirks, and it makes the book interesting but not necessarily very accessible as a mainstream read.

I did enjoy this book for the most part although there is a bit of fragmentation of the story as we follow Ade 'down the rabbit hole' as it were. This book is certainly not for everyone although if you read it from the perspective of the frightening implications of addiction, I feel like it portrays that well.

Star Rating: 3.0/5.0

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I really enjoy books with off kilter and oddball characters, but sometimes the author can get a little too weird, even for me :) The only way to know for sure whether or not I'd like it is to read the book

-Kate the Book Buff
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@Kate Yeah, weird books generally require people to read them and decide for themself whether they will like it or not unless you just don't like weird books in general.


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