Fuzzy Nation RELEASE!

Hey hey! John Scalzi has a new book out today called Fuzzy Nation! I haven't read it yet, but Scalzi generally has great books so... you should check it out ^.^ It's a sci-fi piece that is a reboot of Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper (I also haven't read this one >.>).

Synopsis of Fuzzy Nation (taken from Goodreads):

It's a classic case of good news, bad news. Independent contractor Jack Holloway helps cause a cliff collapse, which gets him fired from his partnership; but the accident reveals a vein of valuable jewels, which gets him rehired and promises to make him rich. Of course, there's a catch: To maintain the claim on his newfound wealth, the partners must be able to certify that the planet is not inhabited by any sentient beings—and that, of course, is the cue for the small, lovable, furry little creatures to appear.

Check out prices for Fuzzy Nation at Amazon

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