Review: La Femme Fatale by Marilyn Yu

La Femme Fatale by Marilyn Yu

Copy Courtesy of Marilyn Yu
Release Date: Aug 1, 2011

Life of a vampire called Eve through a deck of cards. (Yep that's my summary and I'm sticking with it)

Couple pictures of the cards:

I love this concept for a book. Sure it's artsy, and I'm not that big on artsy. But, it's just novel enough for me to enjoy it although I wouldn't say that there's much depth to the story. Also, the pictures are pretty nice although perhaps a bit clip-arty.

There is a companion book that gives you the full story as well as some explanation of each card. Some of the cards don't actually have story components on it; instead, they have other pictures. The author suggests that you could use the deck much like tarot cards and/or come up with your own ideas.

Essentially, this is something that I want to touch and play with.

Star Rating: 4.0/5.0

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I have never seen this book. It's unique.


@Aleetha ^.^ definitely unique


i picked this up at BEA - not sure what to with it. Want it to be a giant tarot deck


I love this concept! But then I'm a big fan of the Nick Bantock and Barbara Hodgson books. As long as the story is as compelling as the art/gimmick.


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