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Apparently it's a news day here at Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books.

So, there is going to be another set of books from Jennifer L. Armentrout who is the author of the highly anticipated Half-Blood. It's being published by Entangled Publishing.

What we know:
-Main guy lead is going to be called Julian
-It's an Adult Urban Fantasy Romance
-First book is titled Unchained
-It's a trilogy
-Release dates will be tentatively April, May and June of next year (2012)

She has also stated that Cursed is going to be a stand alone for the time being. Whether there are more books will depend on sales.

Half-Blood's publication date was pushed back because of the enormous amount of interest in it, and it will likely be carried at quite a few Barnes and Nobles as well as many many independent bookstores.

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Another series? Fantastic! Half-Blood was great and the synopsis for Cursed sounded really enticing. I look forward to learning more about the Unchained trilogy! Thanks for sharing. ♥


@Keri I'm really looking forward to reading Half-Blood. I'm a bad blogger and haven't gotten around to reading my copy yet >.<


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