Kelley Armstrong Twitter Chat Recap

So, if you're a Kelley Armstrong fan like me, but missed the Twitter chat that went on earlier today then this recap is for you ^.^

Women of the Otherworld

Spell Bound is out really really soon! (July 26th!) The next is titled 13 (it is also the 13th book in the series) is probably slated for sometime next year and will be the final book in the series (super sad with dose of excitement!) although there is always the possibility that Kelley will come back in the far off future.

Facts on book 13 (the next one):
-Titled 13
-Due out probably sometime next year.
-Will be the FINAL book in the Otherworld series (super sad with dose of excitement!) although there is always the possibility that Kelley will come back in the far off future
-It will be narrated by Savannah.
-She says it will be super kick-ass
-There will be a return of a lot of our favorite characters.
-She's writing it for readers to be satisfied rather than saddened ^.^
-We will learn about the twins (Elena's kids) powers

There will definitely be more short stories/anthologies, and if Subterranean Press commissions another short story it will be about Jaime and Jeremy (Hey Subterranran Press, I really want to read this! I bought Counterfeit Magic, pre-ordered Hidden, and will definitely buy this one so this is my official plea for you to commission this ^.~). There will also be more on the twins in the upcoming short stories.

Darkest Powers

Chloe et al will be returning in book 3 of the Darkness Rising trilogy! There will be a total of 9 books in this vein so definitely one more trilogy by my count in the series to go.

Omens & Shadows

This is a new adult series set in a world that is similar to her popular Otherworld and Darkest Powers series. The first book is supposed to come out in 2013 and it is "lighter on paranormal, heavier on suspense/mystery." It's currently contracted for 3 books.

The Blackwell Trilogy

"a middle-grade Norse-based fantasy trilogy co-written with Melissa Marr" -Kelley Armstrong. Since it's a trilogy... the contract is for 3 books. They are writing this using split narration where each person writes one POV (point-of-view).

Nadia Stafford

YAY!!! There will be one more book although Kelley is looking at publishing it only as an ebook since she has so many other books on the docket already. I really hope there will be a print version!

Other Notes

She loves to drink coffee and eat chocolate while writing.

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Kelley is one of my fave authors! I am so sad to hear about the Otherworld series coming to an end, but I like it when an author can recognize when it IS time to end, rather than dragging on forever. I'd rather her go out (for now!) on a high note. And it's good that we have LOTS more books from her in her other series to look forward to. I am starting a Darkest Powers re-read in preparation for finally reading The Gathering soon!


Thanks for the transcript. So excited about all the good book news.


@Molli Yeah, it's definitely sad that the Otherworld is drawing to a close although I agree about going out on a high point ^.^

@Amy You're welcome! I'm super-excited too ^.^


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