Review: Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy #1) by L. A. Weatherly (Audiobook)

Angel Burn by L. A. Weatherly

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This is a review of the AUDIOBOOK version

Willow is a half-angel in a world where angels are kind of evil. Alex is an angel killer who has dedicated his life to bringing down the soul-sucking monsters. Fate brings the two of them together, sparks fly, and of course the world needs to be saved too.

Ok, I'm not usually all that interested in the male love interests, but Alex, I have to admit was fun although I'm not entirely sure I liked the voicing of him in my audiobook version (since it was a female reader). Willow was very much a thrown into various situations and likes to curl up in a ball kind of girl, which probably annoyed me more because the audiobook made her so breathy and pitiful sounding most of the time. Sometimes though she would show signs of taking control, which I enjoyed although they were too rare for my taste.

I really liked the concept that L.A. Weatherly has created with angels essentially being soul-sucking demons, simply because it was a take that I had not read yet, and I think it was executed pretty well. The audiobook definitely made the story come to life more although I noticed things like how annoying Nina (Willow's best friend) sounded and how the author kept using the same phrasing over and over... and over again ("she hugged her arms around herself/around her knees/to her chest/etc..").

It's definitely rare for a more romance focused book to give me a positive feeling these days, and this one did achieve that so I'm giving it a thumbs up. I hope the follow-up is as good ^.^

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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I wasn't sure about this one either, but I ended up liking it ok.



Sounds interesting. I'm always on the prowl for audiobooks to add to my wish list.


I think by this point I have pretty moderate expectations. I'm not so sure about Willow, but I'm curious about the angel lore. I'll be avoiding the audiobook version though. Thanks!


I love this book and can not wait for the second one! If you love supernatural books you will love this!


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