Review: Geth and the Return of the Lithens (Beyond Foo #1) by Obert Skye

Geth and the Return of the Lithens by Obert Skye

Copy Courtesy of Shadow Mountain Press
Already Published

Geth is bored now that his adventuring days are part, and Foo is once again balanced. Obviously, this means that he should go looking for trouble, and that's exactly what he finds beyond the borders of Foo.

This was such a fun little book. Geth is perpetually optimistic, which might be mistaken for sarcasm, but it's hilarious that he really means what he's saying. Clover, who accompanies Geth on his adventures, is delightfully snarky.

The best part of this book is the dialogue (internal character as well as between characters). I laughed through a lot of this book ^.^ I wasn't overly excited about the constant message from the author that you shouldn't just accept life as it is, but I could overlook it because of the amusement factor.

This is a book I think a lot of people would enjoy just as a light read and for giggles since the main host of characters are a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing what else this series will bring to the table.

Star Rating: 4.0/5.0

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A happy little review for what sounds like a fun book! I love snarky. LOL


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