Is it just me? YA Book Covers

Lately, I've been looking through a lot of the book covers of just published or soon to be published YA book, and I can't help but notice that there are a lot of gorgeous ones out there. Granted these books are generally targeted at girls so pretty covers make sense. These covers though are the kind where I want to own the book just because the covers are so pretty not that I actually care what the book is about. Is this just me or do you guys feel this way too?

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I've got so many books that I want to read, I've never really paid attention to the covers. Odd, come to think of it, since I've always been more of a visual person. But looking at the covers now, I can totally see where you're coming from. Maybe if they had them as posters... I've got too many books cluttering the house as it is!


Book posters might be pretty awesome. I would put them up on my wall. A lot of books have trailers now so posters wouldn't be too far fetched.


these covers really are gorgeous! nightshade is an awesome book!!

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