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Last Friday was the first time I ever took part in the Book Blog Hop & Follow Friday, and it was an exhilarating experience. What I noticed though was that most of the bloggers in the the book sphere seem to be women. There are gender ratio skews in spheres like tech blogs and cooking blogs, but reading I thought was fairly applicable/accessible to guys and gals.

It may be that I had a biased sample, what do you guys think? And if you think what I'm seeing is true, why might this be true?

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It might be because women are more likely to complain about things they've read? The men I know, after reading a book, just go, "Yeah, that was OK."


I think that's definitely true. I think women are more inclined to get involved in the community of readers like this. It doesn't seem like a typical "guy thing."


That sounds pretty plausible. Book clubs also seem to be more targeted for women... Blogs are kind of like a book club....


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