The Lovely Kindle

I have in my possession a lovely Kindle 3. It is beautiful. It is thin. It is full of just enough features. I think this may be a life-changing kind of thing. Yes, the revelation is a bit silly, but I can bring my books with me LOTS and LOTS of them. It almost makes paper books obsolete except for the part where I like owning paper books.

I am a tad sad that the Kindle doesn't support epub although apparently there is an app in development by a third party which supports epub called although it only seems to support books they have listed so far.

Anyone else have thoughts about the Kindle? Perhaps thinking about purchasing one? If you are, I recommend!

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I've got one. :-)
Kindle is annoying. It is slow....can't handle pdfs or anything really intensive. It does what it needs to do...but not much else.

Using calibre to convert epub to other formats it easy. Calibre is awesome. I'd link...but alas...I'm on my phone.

Screen is okay for portability in a whitecoat, but the Dx is much better for longer reading sessions or reading at home.


The one that I have isn't too bad for speed. I'm still faster than it but yayz.

Yah, I've used Calibre, but it would still be nice to have 'native' support. I actually like the 6-inch screen because it's also more maneuverable (as in when you read and then suddenly you find yourself lying on your back looking up at the book...).


I'm a huge fan of my Kindle and a thorough convert. I thought the whole buying a book and holding it in my hands experience would be something that I'd miss but I find I like having room and my shelves and the ability to bring tons of books with me wherever I go even more. I don't even miss the book smell! I'm in the process of converting the print books I own to ebooks for Kindle, and it's helping me to prioritize my TBR list much more efficiently.


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