Review: Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) by Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Anna is an Omega an ultra-submissive. She also brings peace to other werewolves, but she didn't consent to being turned into a werewolf. The pack she was a part of abused her, but now she has found a mate in Charles, the Marrok's son. She goes to Montana with him, and then, a witch comes hunting.

I didn't find this book to be as well-written as the primary series about Mercy. There was more focus on the romance which is nice because Mercy's romances are somewhat subsumed by the action, but the rest of the book seemed somewhat extraneous.

Anna's personality is supposed to be strong but because of her trauma, it's pretty toned down which, in the end, makes her somewhat boring especially in comparison with Mercy. Charles, though, is somewhat interesting with his public personality as the Marrok's assassin and his personal personality with Anna.

This book might have been likeable on its own, but because it is in the same universe and set of people as the Mercy Thompson series, which is pretty good, this book seems like it's lacking.

Star Rating: 2.0/5.0

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I'm sorry you didn't really enjoy this one- I read this series before reading Mercy Thompson (and actually haven't started Mercy Thompson yet) so I'll be interested to see if reading in a different order affects how I like the books. Thanks for your honest review!


You should definitely read the Mercy Thompson series. I'm also interested in whether reading it in a different order changes perceptions.


I have been meaning to try this since I love the Mercy series but I am not in hurry now :)


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