Review: The Lying Game (Lying Game #1) by Sara Shepard

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Copy courtesy of NetGalley and HarperCollins
Release Date: Dec 7, 2010

Emma has been in and out of foster homes since she was abandoned by her mother at the age of 5. Now she is almost 18, and has been kicked out of her current foster home because of a video of her twin, one that she never knew existed. Unfortunately, by the time she sees the video, her twin, Sutton, is already dead although Emma doesn't know this. Emma travels to Sutton's in order to meet her twin and instead gets mistaken for her twin and has to pretend to be Sutton until she can find who killed Sutton.

My biggest gripe with this book is actually the ending. It is a cliff hanger when it really could have been an ending. This really didn't have to be a duology or a trilogy. Other than that, I thought the rest of the book was pretty good.

The story is seen through the eyes of Sutton as a ghost as she is pulled along with her twin. The ghost, on occasion, has memories which come back and help illuminate part of the story.

Even though there is a lot of switch back and forth between the two twins, it's never confusing because the viewpoints are on the same events. I really enjoyed the way these separate viewpoints gave more depth to what was happening. The discovery of background information is smooth and natural rather than feeling contrived and the added perspective of Ghost Sutton helps to keep Emma in the while keeping the reader informed.

Star Rating: 3.0/5.0

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I just received it today 9or at least got approved on netgalley) and cant wait to read it. Thanks for the review! :>


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