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In reply to an article over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Quick summary: They want to have kiosks where you can browse a physical bookstore and then buy the e-book right there in the store in part so you don't feel so bad about browsing and then going home to buy an e-book somewhere else.

This is a great idea for a bookstore because the store itself still sells books. That's not really what I want to talk about though. I want to take this idea one step further. I want a virtual bookstore that I can browse like a physical bookstore, and I want it now instead of in 10 years.

What I mean is: I want to be able to 'enter' a virtual bookstore, where books have been shelved by type and alphabetized or whatnot. It has to look like bookshelves. Then I want to be able to 'walk' up to that shelf and pull books off of those shelves and look around that book. Since this is digital, maybe there would be some sort of preview option >.> or whatnot.

Of course, virtual reality being what it is now... may not get to that point. Also, that kind of interface has yet to pick up any sort of standard, and I'm just living in a dreamworld. I would love for this to be a reality though ^.^


That sounds awesome indeed :) We can only hope the virtual representations of online bookstores will improve soon and change from being just an online searchable catalogue.


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