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One of my favorite parts of Goodreads - Bookswap, is being shut down. I know this has been coming for awhile since the Goodreads team has been talking about shutting it down since May due to it taking up too many resources in comparison to the amount of people using it. Nevertheless, I am very very sad to see it go and wish it hadn't come to this. I have voiced my opinion on this matter in the previous feedback thread on this subject, but I guess it didn't sway the matter in favor of keeping the service active.

I have swapped and received many books using the generally intuitive interface that the Goodreads team put together, and I'm not sure I can switch over to other clunkier interfaces. Also, most other swap sites don't let you pay only when you are requesting a book. Instead, you earn credits by shipping a book out.

Bookswap closes officially on Oct 31st, and I for one will be spending less time on the Goodreads site as a result since a good portion of my time on the site was using the Bookswap feature. Not that I will stop using the site altogether since the original reason I started using Goodreads was before the swap portion even existed.

I think at this point it may be too late to change the opinion of Otis and the rest of the Goodreads team, but if any of you are similarly disappointed in the loss of this feature I urge you to voice your disappointment in THIS THREAD or perhaps by email through their contact form.

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This cannot happen. I use swap multiple times a week. I have filled half my shelves up with books from here and I so don't want to start paying full price for every book I buy. Everyone please go protest, I so don't want to lose this resource!


@TheGirlOnFire Glad you are adding your voice to the mix on this issue


What!!!! I had no idea. :/ I started swapping books on GoodReads a few years ago. I'm really sad to hear that this is happening. I guess I do feel a little guilty since I do use Paperback Swap in conjunction to GoodReads.


@Cialina I just don't like Paperback Swap's model as much


I was always disappointed it was only open to US. I could never use it, and wish I could.


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