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So it is time again to give the books/swag I've received in the mail some publicity ^.^ I realized that I had left out some books last week so those are thrown in with this week's batch.

Books Received For Review

Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith
-A prison for kids. Scary place.

Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane
-An ageless War and an assassin that is employed by those running it.

The Time in Between by María Dueñas
-A couture designer gets caught up in politics

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
-The setting is Victoria London, and there is a faerie ring, which leads to trouble.

The Restoration Game by Ken MacLeod
-Political games for which affect the real world are afoot in a virtual world


True North by Christina Trujillo
-A sexy werewolf and some dead bodies = mystery.

A Lovesome Thing by Patricia Bowne
-Spring break for the Demonology department means interesting things.

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I keep hearing great things about The Faerie Ring! Happy reading on all of those. :)



Great IMM this week!!! I got The Faerie Ring also, it sounds so good! Youll have to let me know how Lockdown is, that one looks good also (:

Haley @


I have to admit I read almost exclusively fantasy or sci-fi these days, but The Time In Between looks interesting. Let us know what you think?


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