Review: Blood Rights (House of Comarré #1) by Kristen Painter

Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Copy Courtesy of Orbit Books
Release Date September 27, 2011

Chrysabelle is a Comarre, and that basically means she is really tasty blood for rich vampires. Now though, her patron (well owner more like) is dead, and she runs away unfortunately straight into the lair of another vampire, Malkolm. Unbeknownst to either of them, the death of Chrysabelle's master has set off a chain of events that will threaten the balance between the supernatural and the mortal worlds.

The gold on the cover really made me want to stroke it, not that this really has to do with the content of the book. Anyway, Painter has built an interesting vampire society around these Comarré, and while it's not as elegant as I might wish, there turns out to be a surprising amount of depth to the world.

This story takes place in 2067 although for a good deal of it, the technology doesn't seem to reflect that since the supernatural set doesn't seem to like modern tech. I'm not entirely sure why the author chose the future as a setting if it doesn't play much of a role although there were modern-ish night clubs, which I guess required a less historical setting.

I think in some ways, Malkolm is the more interesting character although Chrysabelle also has some revelations, but she has a tad too much damsel in distress vibe for my taste. This was a political intrigue driven novel (in many respects), and well that's right up my alley, so I enjoyed this ^.^ I hope the next book is as good.

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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Shame about the heroine being a bit damselly cause this sounds really good. I'll definitely be interested in reading it.

The Cait Files


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