Low Rating Books vs Low Rating Books (There is a Difference)

So, a lot of bloggers have commented on low ratings some have retracted their ratings systems, others don't see a point in posting low rating reviews, or a myriad of other opinions and combinations of dealing with things. I will continue to post low ratings and negative reviews because I blog to express my opinions on all books whether good or bad. I think it's important for you to know what I like and what I don't so that you, the reader, know what things annoy me because they may in fact be things you like.

Aside from things I dislike though, there are books which I think have structural flaws (shallow main characters, information dumping, implausible settings, lack of research, etc). So from now on, for low rating books (anything under 3.0 so a rating of 2.5 or less) I will make an extra notation as to whether the low rating is due to mostly structural or mostly elements that I just didn't like (love at first sight for example). Granted, I will make that clear in the reviews, but I get that some people only look at the star rating line ^.~

I know a lot of you have opinions on this subject so tell me what you think!

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I don't usually have alot of books that I rate low, but if I do, I still will post them. The main reasons for me giving a low rating are: grammar, editing, and punctuation issues or the lack of a developed character(s). I usually state why in my review, the reason for the low rating. Glad you still post these!


As someone who got a critical review from your blog, I was still appreciative. Of course a rave would have been better, but getting some clear constructive feedback - both about what you liked and what you didn't like - was also very useful.


@Sheena Thank you for sharing!

@Patricia I'm glad I could be useful if nothing else ^.^


Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and pickier, but I feel like lately there's a lot of low quality books being released in the YA fantasy market in particular. The problem is they all have pretty covers! I appreciate having sites that help me with not only what to read, but what to avoid.

I find Amazon really deceptive these days...maybe people only post on there if they really like something? I tend to rely moreso on Goodreads for figuring out whether I might like something.


@Becca ^.^ Hopefully I don't steer you wrong


I like seeing both high and low ratings. It gives a more complete picture of what a blogger likes and doesn't like, which makes it easier to figure out if I have the same taste in books.

I post both high and low rating reviews, mainly because I review every book I read now, and I know I don't like every book I read.


I appreciate that you include both your high and lower ratings and that your reviews are detailed on WHY the books received the rating they did. It gives me a better idea of your taste, and when you rate something highly I know I should take extra note.


That's a good idea to make those notations. I might have to adopt that idea, as I too WILL write negative reviews if I read a book that doesn't suit me. I understand why so many bloggers are on the no-rating, no negative-reviews side, but I follow the same line of thought as you. I don't want my blog to be JUST happy happy with 5 stars all around, because not everything can be perfect. And...all of that. I'm sure you know what I mean, haha.


@Sarah Good for you ^.^

@Small Review I'm glad it helps you ^.^

@Cass Feel free!


I think it is important to post honest reviews of books. And if you did not like a book (which happens to everyone) honest would be a negative review. Now I try and always find and make note of what I did like about a book. I try and offer the most balanced review possible and in my negative reviews I do link to some positive ones if I can find any.

I understand that some bloggers may not want to post negative reviews because they don't want to bash authors. I never bash authors (or books) in my reviews. I don't say things like This book stunk- or I hated the whole thing. I do try and discuss what elements I did not enjoy and why the book was not for me.

I do this because other people might like the book for different reasons or the things that bugged me might not be an issue for them. Isn't that the point of reading reviews? to see if you would like the book or not? I thought so.



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