Visitng Sf? Borderlands is a Must See!

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Today I would like to introduce you to one of my local indy book stores which I LOVE. It's called Borderlands, and it is located in the Mission District of San Francisco. It's really easy to get to since it is located only about 4 blocks from either 16th or 24th st BART stations, and you can get delicious Mexican food after you visit the store.

They carry an incredible array of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books (they also have a section where you can pick up used books). This place has such incredible character. The staff are helpful and fun to talk to, and longtime customers trust their recommendations.

If you happen to be there when an author you like is having a signing, definitely head in because well 1)you like the author and 2) the space is intimate although they can hold a decent sized crowd, which makes hearing easy, and definitely gives you a chance to feel like you're getting personal attention from the author.

I've had the privilege to meet Jacqueline Carey and John Scalzi there, and I'm looking forward to attending more events.

OK, so an address:
866 Valencia St.
San Francisco CA 94110


Their Phone:
Regular: 415.824.8203
Toll Free: 888.893.4008

Basically, if you love Sci-Fi Fantasy books and are in San Francisco whether living here or visiting, there is EVERY REASON for you to visit this place.

the small print: I am not affiliated with Borderlands; I just really love them.

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Nice post! If I ever get back to The City I'll make Borderlands a destination.


I love Borderlands. The staff is knowledgeable an friendly, plus the store is nicely laid out.

I suppose technically I could get books cheaper from, but I always try to buy something from Borderlands whenever I stop by there just so I can support the place.

Also, the sphynx cats that hang out there don't make me sneeze! For someone with cat allergies like myself, this is a big deal!


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