Review Requests Open!

It is now June 15, which means I'm open to receiving review requests again (for anyone who is actually interested in such things)! That is all for now ^.^

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I'd love to have you review my debut YA novel, FLYAWAY, which releases from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in December. If you're interested, contact me with a mailing address and I'll make sure my publicist gets an ARC to you.


Cool! I've never actually shut down my request acceptance, but at times, I've been down to accepting very, very few indeed. :-) Thay pile up faster than we think!


@helen I will contact you via email

@Tiger I shut it down because I didn't feel like I could meet the promises I had made without doing so >.< I was worried that if I saw more requests, I would definitely accept more so I shut it down and could feel ok with turning down anyone who sent in a request during that time frame since I had explicitly stated that I wasn't accepting anything~~


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