Cover of Dreaming Awake (Falling Under #2)

Were you wondering what it looked like? Well, it just got revealed over at Gwen's Blog, and well you can see it above here ^.^

That looks like a gray rose in her hand although I mistook it for a rock at first >.> oops heh~~

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Pretty hair. Pretty dress. Pretty flowers. Yup, I like it!


I love this cover! And whoops, I thought the rose was something else, too. Ha.
Thanks for sharing!


I love the girl's dress. The rose petals are freakishly large, but seem fitting.


OMGosh! This is one I CANNOT wait to read! Love the cover. It ties in with Falling Under very nicely! :-)


The cover is really pretty, I love it. The dress is gorgeous! :)

Suz @ A Soul Unsung


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