Sweet Snacks Part 1: Japanese

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite sweet snacks from East Asia (of course). There are so many of them that I'm going to split this up into a few posts so as not to overwhelm you. This one is going to cover the ones from Japan since the Japanese seem to make a lot of snacks which are suited to my palate.

Pocky is a fairly popular brand, and they have all sorts of crazy flavors. It's basically a pretzel that has been dipped in chocolate.

Koala Yummies have an image of a koala stamped on the outside of a cookie shell which is filled with a chocolate cream. This seems to have become less popular in recent years.

Yan Yan is a butter cookie stick which is then dipped into the chocolate cream that is included in the package.

Kasugai Gummies have a lot of flavor which makes them irresistible. With just 2-3 people a bag is gone before you know it. The flavors include apple, grape, strawberry, and peach

Morinaga Milk Candies are these chewy candies that have a hint of milk in them mixed with the taste of caramel. They're also incredibly addictive.

Melty Kiss is basically a chocolate candy that melts really quickly in your mouth. The speed with which it melts gives a feeling of luxury that you don't find in many chocolate candies.

Cigare Cookies are deliciously crunchy, buttery crepe cookies rolled into the shape of a cigar. The Japanese definitely make the best versions of this cookie.

That's all the Japanese snacks I really enjoy (they're also quite popular in Taiwan)! These snacks can in general be found at Asian supermarkets like Ranch 99 although some of the more popular ones like Pocky are carried by your local supermarket.

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