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I find food fascinating, but I recognize that I have a bias when it comes to the foods I like to eat. I blame this on growing up in a household where Taiwanese food was the norm. What this means: I generally like foods which are sweeter but not overpoweringly so. For example, I like sweet-ish tomato sauce, and I don't like most American candy bars very much because I feel they are too sweet.

Those from Beijing like their flavors heavy. This means more salt, more chili, more vinegar, and just in general using more spices and flavorings.

Singaporeans, Szechuanians, Indians, and Koreans love their spicy food although each one has its own particular brand of spicy, which I am not completely familiar with enough to comment on especially since my taste buds aren't accustomed to eating particularly spicy things. The numbingly spicy hot pot which is guaranteed to set your mouth on fire originates from Szechuan though.

The Vietnamese like to put lemon/lime juice in a lot of dishes, and their staple sauce is fish sauce which also has a sour taste profile.

I'm not quite sure how to characterize the Japanese although they, like the Taiwanese, seem to really like sweet things. They do tend to eat sweeter things than the Taiwanese and also saltier in what seems to be an effort to preserve foods as Japan has to import a lot of its product.

Some other places(Laos, Thailand, Phillippines, etc) didn't make it into this post because I simply haven't had enough experience with these cuisines to make a commentary.

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