Asians as a Political Action Group

As I've mentioned before, there is a glass ceiling for asians. Part of this problem stems from a lack of cohesion within the community. There are east asians who like being splintered into their various country groups, southeast asians who also enjoy splintering, and south asians who are often not included when east/southeast asians refer to asians. Often, we socialize in our groups based on the country of affiliation. Thus, there isn't as much chance to form the kind of relationship which invites mutual political struggle; rather, I find lots of splinter groups.

One of the groups which got a small bit of media attention in the last presidential election was the group 80-20 PAC. It strives to get equality in the government and in the workplace for asians, but if you look at the member rolls, they are overwhelmingly East Asian and mostly Chinese. How can a group claim to have the interest of all asians in mind when the member base just doesn't show that kind of diversity?

Groups like 80-20 need to extend beyond the East Asian subgroups in order to achieve a wider base of support for the opinions expressed and the political clout wielded. Only with this wider community can objectives truly be said to have been obtained for all Asian Americans.


Dear Sniffly Kitty,

You asked, "How can a group claim to have the interest of all Asians in mind when the member base just doesn't show that kind of diversity?" Quite simple, actually. Just look at their record of activities. Look how they have:
1)More than doubled the number of Asian American federal judges in 4 years,
2) Gotten the Dept of Labor to enforce EO11246 which requires equal opportunity in the workplace;
3) Stopped racist radio shows from attacking AsAm political candidates (regardless of their Asian ethnicity), etc..

The proof is in its consistently principled stand and conduct on major issues affecting the livelihood of Asian Americans.


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