An Asian American Wizard

I went looking for Asian American writing and came across a post from Hyphen, which is an Asian American magazine (in print) although they have a pretty heavy online presence, that talked about books for asian american teens. The conclusion was that asian american teens want to read about asian american main characters but want to be able to identify with the main characters as teens first rather than whatever race the character happens to be because the persecution just doesn't seem a reality to many asian american teens now.

The end of the post speculates that writers should maybe create a young adult novel where the asian american main character is a wizard. If such a story were to occur with a standard fantasy settings of knights, elves, and dwarves, I'm not sure it would work well since the cultural fit wouldn't be there. A story that mixed dragons, the monkey king, magic, and an asian american teen might be more plausible. I, at least, would be interested in seeing some more fantastical settings which played with Chinese myths.

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