Quick Note About Some Changes

So, I just wanted to point out a few tweaks that I've made to the site.

- There are now labels for each star rating that I give.

- I have gone back and rated some of the books which didn't previously have ratings attached as well as fixing some broken pictures in the reviews and updating the look of some of the old reviews so that they are more in line with the newer ones.

- There are links to the ratings labels in the sidebar so that you can browse my reviews by rating. I hope this will help you make a better decision about whether my tastes align with yours!

- I added some share buttons to each post in case you happen to want to share them with people (<3 if you do). I am contemplating doing a bigger tweet button, but I will work on that at a later time.

- I am going to be writing a post detailing some of my preferences and linking that in my about page to further help with your decisions on whether my taste in books aligns with your ^.^

That's all for now. I hope you find the changes to your liking!


Sounds like you've been productive! Good idea about going back and adding ratings to some of your older reviews and updating their format. I should probably do that as well, just so everything is more consistent. Looks good!


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