The Hiatus Ends?

So, I went to Taiwan and had almost no access to the internet. Then I came back and slept through the week, but now I'm back to writing so expect to see updates with pictures from Taiwan (hopefully as soon as I get around to taking them off my camera~~) as well as some thoughts on my trip.

Just a random question to the unlistening masses: why has gmail slowed down its storage increase again without ever announcing it? Granted the slowdown occured sometime last year, but we were promised 3.3 megs a day in this post but it's definitely more like .4 megs a day now. They never made an announcement about the slowdown so generally people haven't noticed it seems. This makes for sadness although it seems to make sense with the storage plans they announced. Google has made several pushes for joint storage with picasa so giving out storage increases slower is inline with that strategy. Ah well.

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